GPS Tracker for Trucks in UAE

Many Dubai fleet managers or transport, In-Charge, had benefitted by adding truck GPS trackers to their trucks has presented a lot of advantages to how they manage their fleet reducing fuel consumption, saving time with digital logbook, increasing productivity, reducing delayed start of work, reducing taking the vehicle on off duty.

V Zone International is the best GPS tracker for trucks in UAE because rather than just adding a GPS tracking unit to give fleet managers the exact location of their vehicles in real-time, it solves most of the fleet management issues including, optimized fuel consumption, efficient routing, productivity issues, and driver timesheets.

V Zone International can minimize fuel consumption by monitoring wasteful idling, it can also set up alerts for having access idling according to the time setup by companies.

V Zone International also provides companies ways to improve driver behaviours, monitoring dangerous driving indicators such as speeding, harsh braking or acceleration, as well as the ability to add live cameras for improved situational awareness and driver tiredness detection.

Fleet managers can use this data to take business intelligence decisions, using objective GPS tracking data, allowing them to focus on the specific risks affecting their fleet.

It can also be used for rewarding top performing drivers. You don’t know who your best drivers are. If you want to reward your top-performing drivers V Zone International helps you to find one. The sensor tracks events like harsh braking, speeding and idling. The driver who has lesser alerts of events can be marked as a top-performing driver