Fleet Management System in UAE

Fleet management systems in UAE are used for asset tracking, managing, and maintaining vehicle fleets in a company. They use GPS tracking and sensors to view how vehicles are being driven, which also add-on the features of monitoring the real-time location of the vehicles, recording their fuel levels, sudden breakage, engine fault codes, speeds, etc

When it comes to fleet management companies in UAE, V Zone International is the no 1 GPS tracking company.

Main characteristics integrated into fleet maintenance software include fuel management, vehicle information, parts management, vehicle tracking, maintenance tracking, maintenance scheduling, inspection management, GPS integration, work-order management, inventory management, routing, etc

V Zone International enables a company to meet its productivity, optimization, security, safety, sustainability, compliance, and expandability.

One of the USPs (unique selling point) of V Zone International in fleet management UAE is the customization of the product. The only way to give them what they want is to provide product customization. Honestly speaking we don’t want to satisfy the customer; in fact, we want to excite the customer. If the product is customized, we can add on the feature by understanding the requirement thoroughly and giving solutions, and making customers regretting not having V Zone in past years

Below are the following platforms compatible with the software:

  • Desktop Platforms: Mac and Windows
  • Mobile Platforms: Android and IOS