School Bus GPS Tracker UAE

V Zone International is the best school bus tracking system in UAE. We provide school authorities as well as parents solutions by providing safe and smooth fleet transport. V Zone helpsin the real-time location of the school bus to parents and school authorities by providing a share option for school authorities’ parents. So that parents can track the exact location of where their child is, and also helps to be ready at the time of vehicle arrival.

Parents are much concerned about the safety of students. A single accident can cause great damage to the school’s reputation and life of the students will also be at risk.

V Zone International also helps companies, to improve drivers’ behaviors by monitoring dangerous driving indicators such as speeding, harsh braking or acceleration, as well as the ability to add live cameras for improved situational awareness and driver tiredness detection.

We also have the facilities of giving alerts to school authorities if students are left behind on the school bus.

The major reason for mentioning V Zone International is the best in school bus tracking is because of Auto routing. For transport managers, there are many challenges School Bus Routing presents such as optimizing operational cost by providing the best bus routes, balancing the load of each bus, limiting travel time, etc, by using the intelligent Smart Routing algorithm Auto routing features find solutions to these problems automatically

Features of V Zone International School Bus GPS Tracking System

  • Live Location
  • Monitoring
  • Running Status
  • Driving Route Optimization
  • Alerts
  • Pickup Location & Pickup Time